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About IPPAcademy

Professional Online Enrichment Training for Educators

As an endorsed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accredited Training Provider under CPD Group (U.K), IPPAcademy strives to offer the best Enrichment Training Certificate courses for aspiring Educators, including ESL Instructor Training Certificates and Practical Certificates.


We help these bright individuals improve their competitiveness by enriching their knowledge and skillset in instruction skills or practical training.

Kickstart your career with us now!

Leading Online Enrichment Training Platform for Educators

Why choose IPPAcademy?

  • Accredited CPD Provider (CPDReg: 784336)

  • Improve Competitiveness and Skillset

  • Digital Certificate included

  • Self-paced, online and Affordable

  • Enhance Your Professional Portfolio

Our Global Footsteps
Supporting educators all over the Globe

Every day, more and more aspiring Instructors join our ranks. Our certificate holders come from nearly every continent and country, from Hong Kong to South Africa, Lebanon to Brazil, and Papua New Guinea to Macau.

educators enrichment certificate, english phonics and phonetics

Meet The Founder

Enabling your Career.

Mr CHU, Henry Maximus

As Founder and Chief Course Editor of IPPAcademy, Mr. Henry Maximus Chu, has had extensive experience teaching English privately to non-English speakers and is adept in phonetics and phonics teaching. His professional accreditations include: 

Education Field

  • Professional TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University

  • Diploma in Phonics Teaching, T.E., U.K.

  • Member of the International Phonetic Association, U.K.

  • Certificate to English Pronunciation, TESOL College, Scotland

  • Certificate to Education Abroad Advising, NAFSA

  • Professional IPA Teacher Certificate, International Phonetic (H.K) Association, H.K.

  • Certificate to Spoken English, GL Academy

Child Psychology Field

  • Diploma in Child Psychology, T.E., U.K.

IPPAcademy english phonetics phonics instructor certificate
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