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Advantage of teaching IPA to kids or speakers of other languages

IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet, and is widely used as a means to teach English phonetics to kids and speakers of other languages. While you may find the alienish symbols of the IPA taunting, it is the most effective approach to mastering English Phonetics system.

But what makes English phonetics, or essentially the IPA, better than phonics as a learning approach? Let's find out!

1.) IPA accurately depicts every sound in a word

English is inherently messy. It's a beautiful language, mind you, but often it is spoken not how it is written, and written not how it is spoken. Without a doubt, this poses a lot of problems when it comes to pronouncing words that learners have never heard before.

IPA solves that problem by accurately describing every single sound in a word. Once you have mastered the IPA, every word can be read 100% correctly when you see the IPA symbols of the word.

2) IPA also serves as a guide to the tone and stress

Not only does IPA show you how to pronounce an English word, it also gives instruction on its tone and stress. Simply said, it also gives phonology guidance. The IPA system utilises stress marks and syllabification indicators to give extra information on how to read that word like it's supposed to.

3) IPA gives autonomy to learners

IPA and English phonetics gives learning autonomy to students. Unlike phonics, where students can only be sure of a word's correct pronunciation by listening to it, phonetics allow students to simply look at the IPA symbols of any English words and pronounce it correctly. It gives immense learning autonomy to speakers of other languages.

All in all, teaching English phonetics is highly beneficial and is in great demand. Obtaining an English Phonetics Instructor Certificate is the essential first step. From setting up a local English teaching school, to private tutoring, to teaching English phonetics online; the possibilites are endless. Click here to get your certificate today!

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