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Introducing our Brand-new English Pronunciation Instructor Certificate

In the journey of mastering English as a Second Language (ESL), students often prioritize grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Yet, the subtle art of pronunciation is what truly completes the tapestry of language learning. It’s the difference between being understood and being misinterpreted, between fitting in and standing out.

Why teach Pronunciation to ESL students?

Pronunciation is the heartbeat of communication. It’s not just about accuracy; it’s about expression, identity, and connection. For ESL students, excellent pronunciation can:

  • Enhance Confidence: Clear speech leads to confident interactions, encouraging students to speak up and engage.

  • Improve Comprehension: Understanding and being understood becomes effortless with precise pronunciation.

  • Facilitate Social Integration: Accurate pronunciation bridges cultural gaps, fostering a sense of belonging.

  • Boost Academic and Professional Prospects: From acing interviews to delivering presentations, good pronunciation opens doors.

Introducing our Brand-new Pronunciation Instruction Certificate

This course is designed to equip individuals interested in the field of ESL education with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach English pronunciation effectively.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the key components of English pronunciation, including sounds, stress, intonation, and rhythm, and offers practical strategies for teaching these elements to ESL learners. Digital Certificate of Completion is included.

Course Structure

Seven Core Units:

Unit 1: Introduction to English Pronunciation

Unit 2: Sounds in English

Unit 3: Word Stress and Sentence Stress

Unit 4: Intonation and Rhythm

Unit 5: Connected Speech and Linking

Unit 6: Pronunciation in Context

Unit 7: Developing a Pronunciation Teaching Plan

Check out the sample E-Coursebook HERE.

Application Procedures

  • Complete the enrollment and payment

  • Download the course materials to commence the course.

  • Complete the course at your own pace

  • Final Exam link is included in the e-coursebook

  • Take the final exam whenever you are ready (multiple attempts allowed)

  • Digital Certificate of Completion shall be available upon passing

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