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How to improve your English Speaking in 4 easy ways!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Have you ever hoped that you can speak English confidently to anyone anywhere? A lot of us do. Learning how to speak fluently is one of the most important parts of learning a language.

While there are countless ways to improve your English speaking, I have handpicked the following four which I consider the most effective. It works magic for plenty of my students, and I am sure it will work for you! Regardless of your current English level, try the following four tips to help you speak English better!

1. Listening and repeating phrases

The best way to learn English speaking is by listening and imitating. You learn every aspect of speech through listening to real-life conversations, including intonation, vocabulary, rhythm, and even emotion.

By actively listening, imitating, and speaking the phrases out loud, you go through an active learning process, facilitated by auditory stimuli.

So pick a series you like on Netflix or some clips on Youtube, and speak away!

2. The Rubber Duck Technique

This funny little technique is actually often used in programming and coding. When a programmer gets stuck, he/she could try explaining the codes line by line to a rubber duck (or any inanimate object) as detailed as possible. This process helps you clear your head and clarify your thoughts. What’s more, no one is there to judge you (except the cute little rubber duck)!

You can use the same technique when you are practicing your English speaking! Pick any topic you like, and explain it as detailed as possible to any inanimate object that you can look at.

3. Find a speaking partner

A super effective way of improving your English speaking is to actually speak it with someone else. Nothing beats an authentic conversation, where you are required to engage in actively listening, thinking, and speaking at the same time!

Try to ask a friend if he/she would like to improve together with you and each time you two hang out, dedicate a time where you communicate only in English!

4. Try speaking to strangers

What if you cannot find a friend that can speak with you in English? Or you don’t feel comfortable doing that?

It’s okay to feel that way. A lot of us feel nervous when speaking to a real person in English, especially when it is not our mother tongue. In that case, I would recommend you speak to strangers online. Try using an online chatting platform like Omegle, where you can video chat with complete strangers! Whenever you feel uncomfortable, simply unmatch and move on! In time, your English speaking will get better and better until you can perfectly sustain a conversation!


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. If you want to speak fluently, speak as much as you can. The tips above are just here to help you along the way. Stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself is key to mastering anything!


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