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Why become an English Phonics or Phonetics (IPA) Instructor?

Career Choices and options

Phonics and Phonetics (International Phonetics Alphabet system) are widely considered two of the best teaching tool for teaching English speaking at a young age. There is a huge market all over the globe for high-quality, certified English Phonics or Phonetics instructors. Individuals with the right certificates and the right skillset can become an instructor in almost all parts of the world, as English still remains to be the most widely recognized language.

No matter you are already teaching in a public school, hoping to teach English privately as a tutor, teaching English online, or maybe even hoping to set up your own education business, having a good and high-quality English Phonics or Phonetics Instructor Certificate is an effective means to support you. The possibilities are endless and you can absolutely build a life-changing career with it!

Having an Instructor Certificate will open doors for you as you have never imagined, especially for those who aspire to make a difference through education.

Earning potential

As a phonics or phonetics instructor, the earning potential increases with experience. There will always be a huge demand for high-quality individuals that possess the right skill set. It is a good investment that enables and empowers you, even if you are not starting to teach right away. It is extremely important to get prepared and build up a solid portfolio, in order to succeed in life.

If you are interested in applying for our Certificate Courses, please click the link below to learn more. We hope you have a bright future!

TESOL | TEFL | Learn how to teach Phonics and Phonetics

IPPAcademy, by International Phonetics and Phonology Order

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