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About the Course

This course is designed for educators who want to learn more about active learning and how to implement it in their classrooms. In this course, you will explore what active learning is, what it is not, and various strategies for engaging your students in the learning process. You will also learn how to manage your classroom effectively for active learning and how to reflect on and continuously improve your teaching practice.


Course Assessment

Assessment for the course consists of two written tasks. Each task carries a weightage of 50% towards the final grade. These tasks are designed to evaluate the participants' understanding and application of the course concepts and strategies.


Successful completion and passing of all tasks are required to be eligible for the digital Certificate of Completion.


Course Structure

The course will be divided into 6 main units, structured in a way so that you can learn the steps in group work implementation in a systematic approach. Each unit will cover a different component.


The course units:

  • Unit 1: Active Learning in a Nutshell
  • Unit 2: What Active Learning is not
  • Unit 3: Active Learning Strategies
  • Unit 4: Classroom Management for Active Learning
  • Unit 5: Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  • Unit 6: Comprehensive Glossary


You are encouraged to complete the course before attempting the final assessment tasks.

Advanced Certificate on Active Learning Strategies and Application

    • The complete e-coursebook PDF
    • Access to the final exam assessment tasks
    • Digital certificate upon passing of exam
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