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Advance Certificate on English Pronunciation Instruction for ESL Educators (*Digital Certificate included)

by IPPAcademy


About the Course

This course is designed to equip aspiring or current ESL educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach English pronunciation effectively. It provides a comprehensive overview of the key components of English pronunciation, including sounds, stress, intonation, and rhythm, and offers practical strategies for teaching these elements to ESL learners.


Learners who complete this course and pass the 30-minute exam will receive a digital Certificate of Completion, and exclusive rights to re-use the materials for their teaching purpose.



This course is suitable for ESL educators, aspiring ESL educators, or any individuals who are interested in enriching and improving their teaching techniques in English pronunciation. Intermediate English level is recommended for course takers.



Course Structure

The course will be divided into 7 main units, structured in a way so that students can learn the elements of English pronunciation in a systematic approach. Each unit will cover a different component, and the course shall be supplemented by video and audio resources, to ensure a perfect demonstration of articulation.


The course units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to English Pronunciation
  • Unit 2: Sounds in English
  • Unit 3: Word Stress and Sentence Stress
  • Unit 4: Intonation and Rhythm
  • Unit 5: Connected Speech and Linking
  • Unit 6: Pronunciation in Context
  • Unit 7: Developing a Pronunciation Teaching Plan

Advanced Certificate: English Pronunciation Instructor

HK$885.00 Regular Price
HK$796.50Sale Price
    • The complete e-coursebook PDF (over 50 pages)
    • Supplementary Video and Audio resources embedded in the e-coursebook
    • Access to the online final exam
    • Digital certificate included (upon passing assessment)
    • The Exclusive rights to reuse the course materials to teach your students
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