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About the Course

The English Phonetics Instructor Certificate Course equips you to teach and demonstrate English Phonetics to students. It is an online, self-paced enrichment course. Learners who have completed the self-paced online course and passed the 30-minute exam shall receive a digital certificate.


Course Structure

The course will be divided into 5 main units, structured in a way so that you can learn English phonetics in a systematic approach. Each unit covers a different component supplemented by embedded video resources, to ensure perfect demonstration of articulation. You are encouraged to complete the course material and the videos side-by-side to have a complete learning experience.


The course units:

Unit 1 - English phonetics in a Nutshell

Unit 2 - IPA Vowels

Unit 3 - IPA Consonants

Unit 4 - Phonology of English IPA: Stress Marks and Syllabification

Unit 5 - Your role as an English phonetics instructor

Mock Exam

After completing the course, you can take the 30-minute online final examination. Once you passed the exam, you are eligible for the digital certificate.

English Phonetics Instructor Certificate Course

    • The complete e-coursebook PDF
    • Video resources embedded in the e-coursebook
    • Access to the online final exam
    • Digital certificate upon passing
    • Exclusive rights to use the course materials to teach your own students!
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