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Free Printable English Teaching Resources

Don’t be boring in class! I couldn’t stress this enough, but teaching English to beginners (especially children) should be fun and encouraging! This applies whether you are teaching publicly, privately, or even teaching online!

IPPAcademy regularly creates English vocabulary flashcards, drills, English exercises, Phonics worksheets, Phonetics/IPA worksheets, and all types of free English teaching resources and materials for teachers and instructors around the world.

Make use of our completely free, printable, high-quality English teaching resources that you can download, use, and re-edit for teaching purposes. It is and always will be 100% FREE.

IPPAcademy firmly believes that everyone can make a difference. We hope that through high-quality, free English teaching resources we can promote global language literacy.

It is your job to make students want to learn before they can actually learn. Through games, activities, and beautiful worksheets, you can entice and engage your students effectively. They will be encouraged to apply what they have learned.

Explore our free teaching resources here:

Want to become a Phonics Instructor?

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