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English Phonics Instructor Certificate (Online)


  • Enrichment Training for Aspiring ESL Educators

  • Registered CPD Accredited Provider

  • Digital Certificate Included

  • Enhances Professional Portfolio

  • Flexible, Self-paced Online Course

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What is Phonics (英語拼讀法)?

Phonics is a very effective English learning tool for beginners. It is a systematic method of matching the sounds of spoken English with letters or combinations of letters. For example, the sound k can be spelled as c, k, ck or ch. We teach our students how to identify these common patterns of words and pronounce them.

What is this Certificate Course about?

This online English Phonics Instructor Training Certificate course equips you with the skillset and knowledge to teach and demonstrate English Phonics to students. It is available to individuals worldwide, regardless of their location or background. Digital Certificate of Completion is eligible for those who passed the final exam. View Sample Certificate HERE.


This digital course is available to individuals worldwide, regardless of their location or background.

You should, however, possess English fluency and literacy when starting this course, as this course is mainly designed for 

individuals who wish to enhance their skill set and competitiveness for current or aspiring educators.


  • Enrichment Training for Aspiring ESL Educators

  • Recognized CPD Accredited Provider, endorsed under CPD Group (U.K.)

  • Digital Certificate Included

  • Enhances your Professional Portfolio

  • Flexible and Self-paced

Course Structure

Six Core Units:

Unit 1: English Phonics in a Nutshell

Unit 2: Overview of the English Phonics System

Unit 3: Phonics Consonants

Unit 4: Phonics Vowels

Unit 5: Phonics Teaching General Strategies

Unit 6: IPPAcademy 5-Step Phonics Teaching Plan

Check out the sample E-Coursebook HERE.

Application Procedures

  • Download the course materials to commence the course.

  • Complete the course at your own pace

  • Final Exam link is included in the e-coursebook

  • Take the final exam whenever you are ready (multiple attempts allowed)

  • Digital Certificate of Completion shall be available upon passing

Course Fee

The Course Fee is HKD $775. (approximately USD $98/ GBP £80/ MOP $775)

Online credit card, Paypal, and FPS payment are available.

Start teaching phonics once you receive the certificate!

Important Notes

  • IPPAcademy Enrichment courses are for individuals who wish to further enhance their skill set and knowledg

  • IPPAcademy is a registered CPD Accredited Provider (CPD Reg: 784336)

  • You should possess English fluency and literacy when starting this course

  • This enrichment certificate is not and should not be treated as any form of academic degree. You may not claim to be a licensed English Teacher, as that would require registration with local authorities.

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