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Phonetics VS Phonics

Why is English Phonetics such a powerful English learning tool?

English Phonetics is mainly represented by the Internationl Phonetics Alphabet (IPA). It denotes all parts of articulation of any English word fully. This means that once you are able to memorise and properly articulate every vowel and consonants in the English IPA, you will be able to accurately pronounce every word 100% of the time, even if you have never heard of the word before.

Phonetics vs Phonics

Whereas phonics is an effective learning approach to beginners, it is far from perfect. English spelling is rather erratic and at times very inconsistent. Unless you have actually heard the word, you simply cannot be entirely sure that it is the correct pronunication. Phonics identify patterns in words and summarises these patterns systematically. However, in English there are just too many irregularities.

Take a look at the followings set of words:

Doll, Roll

/dɒl/, /rəʊl/

If you have not heard someone else pronounce the word "Doll" and "Roll", you will not be able to pronounce both words correctly. Phonics could not help you differentiate between the two. But if you take a close look at the IPA denotation below the words, you can clearly see the difference. Using IPA, you will be able to read the words correctly.

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