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Your role as an English Phonics Teacher

Before you teach

Regardless the reasons why you are taking our English Phonics Instructor Certificate Course, there are several items you must master before teaching.

  • You must be able to articulate each sound

  • You must understand the phonology behind each sound in order to teach students how to articulate that sound perfectly

  • You should know the common graphemes that represent the same phonemes

  • You should be able to give simple examples when demonstrating the sounds, for better clarity

While this does require you to know English phonics very well, you need not panic. Practice always makes perfect, and that includes teaching. The more you teach, the better you teach.

In our English Phonics Instructor Certificate Course, we have included our recommended IPPAcademy 5-Step Phonics Teaching plan, so you know the best sequence of teaching that ensures a structured, easy-to-follow teaching programme for your students.

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